Saturday, November 5, 2016

Halal Restaurant Week

There's a very exciting event going on right now, and I was contacted to promote it. Here are the info:

Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) is holding Halal Restaurant Week from 1st of November to 10th of December in order to accommodate Muslim tourists with necessary information about Muslim friendly restaurants across the country, as well as various events and benefits.

Coupon booklets are available for Muslim tourists at Incheon Airport, Insadong Maru and Itaewon Tourist Information center, as well as KTO branch offices in Muslim countries. Exchange tickets are available for download on Visit Korea website to exchange with a physical copy.

Booklets contain information regarding 95 appointed Muslim Friendly restaurants in various parts of Korea, along with coupons for buy one get one for free items, discount menu items, free food or beverages and etc. You can receive other souvenirs and Halal certified product samples from participating restaurants as well such as Korean cosmetics or traditional drinks.

Participating restaurants are classified into 4 categories: Halal Certified, Self Certified, Muslim Friendly, Pork Free as mentioned in KTO’s food guidebook for Muslims. “Halal Certified” refers to restaurants officially certified by Korea Muslim Federation while “Self Certified” describes restaurants owned by Muslims. “Muslim Friendly” restaurants can sell alcohol and provide some or all Halal food options whereas “Pork Free” restaurants that do not offer Halal menu but do not also use pork. [Please do ask the restaurant staff if the meat provided is halal for Muslim Friendly and Pork Free restaurants. They may or may not offer halal meat]

Various opportunities to win prizes will be available for tourists who use coupons and share their experiences on their social media accounts as well.

Halal Restaurant Week is a token of Korean Government’s efforts to accommodate the needs of Muslim tourists and is a sign for a more Muslim Friendly Korea.

You can find the official KTO website for detailed information here : 
And the official FB page here :

South Korea is becoming even more welcoming to Muslims. This is a great initiative by them, and I also hope it will be a consistent effort. To be more welcoming how about another Muslim prayer room in Seoul? Somewhere near Dongdaemun would be awesome ;)