Monday, June 6, 2016

Travel Planning Service - Puan Aliaa's Testimonial

Here is another testimonial for a customer that went to Seoul back in 2013. I've been busy and not managing to post their feedbacks but I thought for this new month I'd release all of them.

Assalamualaikum dah balik dari seoul. Alhamdulillah seronok sangat kat sana, travel planning yg fadzlin buat mmg mudahkan kitorang sangat! Senang nak tau kena naik subway line mana, waktu solat pukul brapa. Org kt sana pun peramah sangat bila ada kitorg tersilap naik tren haha, jd diorang tolong. Tp tersilap naik tren tu pun sbb kitorang leka. Puas hati dgn service fadzlin. Kamsahamida =D - Puan Aliaa, Malaysia.

In the picture Puan Aliaa visited Lotte World. Now the place is providing a Muslim Prayer Room for Muslim visitors. Want to visit the place and many others? Sign up for Travel Planning Service now, and we'll take you there :)

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  1. Wow, It is always good to know services like these. I would surely take up their services for the upcoming Christmas Vacations. I am excited already