Monday, June 6, 2016

Travel Planning Service - Mr. Rusydi's Testimonial v2

Mr. Rusydi went to Seoul for the first time early 2013, he then visited Seoul for the second time during winter 2013. Both times he employed Travel Planning Service. You can read about his first trip here. This time he was more familiar with getting around and he had this to say:

Hello Fadzlin, Yeah! I managed to find my way around to the specific places, thumbs-up again for your effort. ;-) Also as this was my 2nd visit there, I can say getting from places to places was a breeze & I also tried to avoid taking cabs as I had quite a bit of spare time. Thanks again ya!. - Mr. Rusydi, Singapore

I would like to thank Mr. Rusydi for sharing with us these beautiful pictures of Ewha Mural Village. They are really exquisite And thank you for trusting us for the second time. 

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