Monday, June 6, 2016

Travel Planning Service - Encik Edshar's Testimonial

One of the loveliest times to visit South Korea is during autumn. Encik Edshar must have agreed for he went there on a lovely October. Here are his comments regarding this service:

Perkhidmatan ini amat bagus dan banyak membantu saudara islam ketika bersafar. Ia juga memudahkan rujukan dari segi tempat yang meyediakan makanan halal dan pengangkutan. - Encik Edshar, Malaysia

Thank you so much for trusting the service. I am glad you had an easier time there with the documents, maps and instructions provided.

For others who are curious and interested with the service, please visit the page here or you can always tweet me at my twitter account @seoulbackpacker


  1. Me and my husband were actually planning where to on vacations and looks like I reached the right blog today. Will talk about your blog with my husband today

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