Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Going to Everland by Subway

There's a new LRT line that was recently opened in Yongin. The Everline LRT is connected to Giheung Station and its last station is Jeondae - Everland. Which is just next to the free shuttle bus to Everland. So instead of taking the bus #5002 from Gangnam Station, you can actually take the subway all the way through.

Here is how to do it from Myeongdong Station:
  • Take train to Chungmuro Station
  • Transfer to Line 3 and take train to Yangjae Station
  • Transfer to Shinbundang Line and take train to Jeongja
  • Transfer to Bundang Line and take train to Giheung
  • Transfer to Everline and take train to Jeondae - Everland
It costs about 3,950 KRW and is around 1 hour 45 minutes for the whole trip. So it might actually be faster (and cheaper) if you take the bus after all. But it is good to have another option. Happy trying!


Jeondae - Everland Station


  1. hi, I've plan to visit Everland next month, I want to go there by train (LRT to Jeondae Everland) but in this post you said "So it might actually be faster (and cheaper) if you take the bus after all", so do u think the fastest way is go there by bus from Gangnam station?
    Please, I need your advice, FYI I will stay at Hongdae area. If I check the Subway route from Hongdae to Everland will take about 120 minutes. How many minutes the Everland free shuttle bus will take from Jeondae station to Everland?

    Thank you in advance, I hope you will reply my message. :)

    1. Hi, yes I do think it will be faster to take bus. Because you don't need to do multiple line transfers.

      The free shuttle bus to Everland should only take a few minutes. The station is very near to Everland.

    2. hi, if I take bus #5002 from Gangnam, is there any bus schedule?
      Because as I learn about bus in Seoul, they have tight schedule, so if I late from the boarding time, I need to wait for the next bus.
      Thank you.

    3. Hi, there is no bus schedule on the internet as far as I know. But you can use this site to check when is the next bus coming: http://bus.go.kr/searchResult6.jsp

  2. Since I want to see the firework at Everland, do you know when is the last bus #5002?
    Is there still any #5002 going back to Gangnam?
    How frequent is the bus?
    Just worry there will be no bus or too many people and I can't get back to hostel at Dongdaemum :P

    1. Dear Mandy

      Please check the other entry on bus to Everland. Check the SIte Map okay :)

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  5. Where can I get the shuttle bus to everland?

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