Friday, April 5, 2013

Travel Planning Service - Miss Lidiya's Testimonial

I think youth definitely should be filled with travelling. It'll open your mind, make you gain new experience and hopefully more wisdom. The best way is definitely through backpacking. Travel agency will make you follow their schedule and of course they will take you to all the souvenir shops they are affiliated with when those are time better spent exploring new streets and places!

Miss Lidiya and her friends went travelling to South Korea and they engaged with our Travel Planning Service. Here are her lovely testimonial of the service:
Alhamdullilah dgn menggunakan khidmat muslim backpackers ni kita orang memang have fun kat seoul . waktu solat pon teratur . jadual pon pack and ok .. best ! enjoy sesangat . kami pon tak sesat . last2 kita orang yang jadi 'tour guide' untuk some malay dekat sana yang pergi on own . haha memang perkhidmatan perancangan ni memang best lah . - Miss Lidiya, Malaysia

Isn't she cute? I quoted her verbatim :D Thank you Lidiya for your trust in our service. It was really lovely working with you.

Travel Planning Service is an affordable way for you to explore Seoul, very suitable for students and young working adults. You dictate where you want to go and we will show you how to get there. Register today and lets start planning!

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  1. Assalammualaikum, saya nak tanya samada travel planning service ni ada di buat untuk traveller ke tokyo atau jepun. Kalau ada boleh bagi maklumat di email add saya. terima kasih.