Thursday, April 11, 2013

Is it Safe to Visit South Korea Now?

I've received questions on is it safe to go to South Korea. Not being there myself I don't know what is the current mood among the citizens. What I can do is provide travel advisory from various embassies, and press releases by South Korean agencies. If you have other info not listed here please comment below and I will check and add them to this entry.
Additionally, if you are currently in South Korea please comment below and tell us about the situations and moods there. Our readers will really appreciate it.


  1. Hello and Hi...

    I'm currently living in Seoul, Korea...

    As far as I'm concern, they said that if until 15th April there is no missile launch, it should be safe for South Korea. But as a safety precaution step, do inform your coming here to the embassy in South Korea as stated by Malaysian Embassy.

    The condition here is safe and calm. Korean people are living their live as usual. Their seem to be so relax like nothing happen.

    As for me, in my point of view, we(Malaysian Student) do feel safe but at the same time we also take the precaution step for any emergency that might happen.

    Also, as far as I concern, North Korea are busy do preparation for the coming big celebration of their country on this 15th April. So, some rumors said that they already take down the war poster and replace it with the celebration poster.

    So, for those that planning to visit S.Korea, think smart about your coming here. Make a good decision before coming here. If you plan to come, make sure you take all the advice given by the embassy and have a safe journey.

    Best Regards,

    1. I hope everything will be fine.. Nobody wants to go to war nowadays, no point at all.. In sha Allah..

  2. I still can not believe week I will be fly to Korea...