Saturday, April 13, 2013

Haemul Sotbab Morang (해물솥밥 모랑)

Category: Restaurant - Seafood Restaurant
Nearest Subway Station:  Gangnam Station (Line 2)
Distance from Subway Station: 75 meters (Exit 5)
District (gu): Gangnam-gu
GPS: 37.494686,127.028645

Bibimbap is a really popular Korean dish. It is no wonder that there are many variations of this recipe. This restaurant, Haemul Sotbab Morang (Seafood Hot Stone Pot Rice Morang) is a chain that has seafood "sotbab" (hot pot rice) as its signature dishes. Most of their dishes are seafood or vegetarian base, with only two or three containing beef.

Their number one menu, Haemul Sotbab (seafood hot pot rice) is 8,500 KRW and comes with soup and side dishes. The restaurant has pictures and English descriptions on their menu so you can know what dishes to order. The restaurant is open from 11AM to 9PM and doesn't operate on Korean public holidays. It is located on the second floor, the same floor as Baba India. (source 1, source 2)

The restaurant is in this building, same floor as Baba India
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  1. I am a great fun of Korean food, this is an amazing plac to visit. Thanks for sharing the restaurant details as i am planning to visit Korea ths festive season thus will make it a point to take my wife for dinner and try new stuff out.