Sunday, March 17, 2013

Travel Planning Service - Puan Khadijah's Testimonial

Puan Khadijah and her husband visited South Korea to attend a conference in Phoenix Park. While there she took the chance to travel Seoul too. She subscribed to the travel planning service to help with her planning. Here is her testimonial for the service:
Although South Korea is very excellent in its tourism sector, this country still very much loves its own language that you may not get all info conveniently if you don't know their language. Adding to the fact, you are also a muslim and the place to perform solah and halal food becomes your priority. Hence there are only 2 ways to move about conveniently in Korea: (1) Get a tourist guide who understand the needs of muslim or (2) Do the proper planning.

I decided to choose (2) because I was in a shoestring budget. But I also do not know about places in Korea. There are many websites which provide a lot of info, however you won't have time to study all them!

Here's where the travel planning service becomes handy and necessary. Alhamdulillah I am delighted to have used Fadzlin's service. She was informative, she handled my questioned well, and was patient too with a customer like me. With Fadzlin's very detailed and organized planning service, I instantly knew about how much I need to spend on food and transportation, and the map sketch were very handy as many online maps presents less detail and are in Korean language.

So many thanks Fadzlin and may Allah bless you in your undertakings :-) - Puan Khadijah, Malaysia

Thank you Puan Khadijah for your very generous review of the service. I appreciate it very much. For my other readers' information, she has a blog that chronicled her travel to South Korea (and also her coming travel plans). She has shared a lot of useful information so do visit her site.

If you are worried on how to get your ways in Seoul for your holiday, worry no more. Let me do your planning for you. Sign up now :)

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