Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Collaboration with Soul Scarves: Giveaway!

Hello darling readers. If you haven't noticed, Muslim Backpackers Seoul now have a sister site. *points to the right side of the blog*. Yes, we have branched out! Soul Scarves is an online store selling scarves and shawls for Muslim hijab or as accessory to splash up your outfits. The store is still very new, so we don't have much traffic yet. So, if you know of anyone who loves printed scarves please point them to our store's way. The designs are absolutely beautiful if I may say so myself. Hehe.

So to celebrate the launching of Soul Scarves (see how Soul sounds totally like Seoul? not so subtle hinting that we are related here), the store is doing a special giveaway exclusive for Muslim Backpackers Seoul readers! Yeayyy :D The first four readers to buy any scarf at Soul Scarves will receive 1 (one) piece of T-Money card worth 2,500 KRW. You only have to answer this very simple question:

Where is Seoul Central Mosque located?

Put down your answer in the Promotion Code field on the Order Form, and that's it! You will be notified by e-mail if you've won the card.

Please give the same amount of love to Soul Scarves that you've given this site. 감사합니다 and we hope to see you there! ♥

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