Thursday, February 14, 2013

Namsan Tower - How to Get There by Bus

Category: Attraction - Nature
Nearest Subway Station: Myeongdong (Line 4)
Distance from Subway Station: 41 meters (Exit 2)
District (gu): Jung-gu
GPS: 37.560823,126.986621

Previously this site shows how to get to Namsan Park and Tower by taking the cable car. However the journey to the cable car station itself is challenging with the distance and being a bit hilly. Of course the price is also expensive with the current posted price being 8,000 KRW for a round trip and 6,000 KRW one way. Waiting time can be long too if it is a public holiday in South Korea.

Luckily you can also take a bus up and down the Namsan Mountain. Namsan Mountain is served by yellow (circular) buses. There are three different buses that go up: Namsan 02, Namsan 03 and Namsan 05. Each bus serves different routes in Seoul.

This entry shows how to take the bus Namsan 05 from a bus stop in Myeongdong Station. The bus stop is just a few steps from the Exit 2 of Myeongdong Station. The bus stop is next to Prince Hotel.

Even though the bus category is Yellow Bus, the Seoul government has changed most of the buses going up Namsan Mountain to the environmentally friendly electric buses that look like this:

Your bus number is 05 though. Don't take the wrong one from Namsan Mountain!
Or the old bus may come first. Don't snub this bus! It goes the same route. :)

Bus fare is only 850 KRW when using T-Money. Journey will take around 30 minutes and the bus interval is every 18 minutes. Because it is a circular line, you can also take the same bus from Namsan Mountain to this Myeongdong bus stop back.

Location in Google Map:


  1. for the bus stop near exit 2 in myeongdong do i just wait for the bus 05 to come or will other buses will also be stoping there?

    1. The bus stop is between Exit 3 and Exit 4 of Myeongdong Station (the information above is outdated). The bus stop number is 02-149. Take bus number 05, the fare should be 1100 KRW using T-Money.

    2. Other buses will also stop here.

  2. Assalamualaikum.
    Is this bus stop at Namsan Park? I getting confuse about this.

    1. Waalaikumsalam, the bus destination is Namsan Mountain near Namsan Tower. The bus stop name is Namsan Tower.

    2. Aslm.wr.wb
      Hai Fadzlin..I am Mita from Indonesai. Thanks for your blog, it's very helpful for me. I have plan go to Namsan tower by cable car on Saturday, January 7th 2017. In Indonesia, Saturday is weekend just like Sunday, so many people have holiday in that day. Is that the same in South Korea? thank you.

  3. hi.. do u know what time the last circular bus from namsan tower to myeondong depart?

  4. The last service is at 11.30 PM - Fadzlin