Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Site Feature: Search by Two Categories

I did a simple HTML coding that can help you search by combining two different categories. It means you can match entries by union of two categories/labels/tags.

For example if you are looking for any restaurant near Dongdaemun Station, you can choose "category: restaurant" for Category 1 and "station: dongdaemun" for Category 2. The search button will bring you to a Google result page with the list of entries that have both the above conditions.

The rest.. not so much. LOL.

Combining two unrelated categories (example prayer place and restaurant) will not bring out proper results. Additionally, the entries that satisfy both conditions may only be the top two or three results followed by some unrelated ones. However I hope this tool will still be useful.

If there's a bug, or you find some missing categories, please inform me by commenting below. Have fun searching!
Search by Two Categories

Category 1 :
Category 2 :

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