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Korean Folk Village

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GPS: 37.259247,127.118951

Korean Folk Village is a cultural village established to preserve the traditional houses, culture and customs of Korea's Joseon period. The village consists of relocated hanok houses, buildings and artifacts that depicts the lifestyle of the Joseon period. This village was used as a filming location for many Korean dramas like Jewel in the Palace, Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Moon Embracing the Sun.

Aerial view of Korean Folk Village

Similiar to Everland, there are also multiple ways to get to Korean Folk Village in Yongin. This entry is how to get to Korean Folk Village by taking a bus in Gangnam. The bus stop for Korean Folk Village is the exact bus stop for taking the bus to Everland. So if you want the map and walking directions to the bus stop you can refer this entry.

The bus to take is 5001-1 (red bus). Journey is around 1 hour and ticket costs 2,000 KRW using T-Money. First bus from Gangnam Station is at 6.30 AM and the last bus heading back to Gangnam Station is at 12.20 AM. Bus interval is every 12 minutes.

Now, the tricky part is knowing where to get off. You can always tell the driver ahjusshi to let you know once you've arrived:
한국 민속촌에 도착하면 말씀해 주세요
han guk min sok chon eh  do chak ha myeon  mal sseum hae  ju se yo
Please tell me when we arrive at Korean Folk Village
You can also familiarize yourself with the bus stop / location you should get off. I am embedding the Daum Map Road View of the bus stop in Korean Folk Village so you can get.. familiarized.

Bus from Seoul will let you off at this bus stop:

Hey look, that bus!
From the bus stop you will need to cross the road, cross the parking lot and walk a little bit more to reach the entrance of Korean Folk Village. Refer Google Map below for more accurate locations.

To get back to Seoul, wait at the bus stop below, which is just opposite the bus stop where you disembarked.

Korean Folk Village has a Muslim prayer room as stated in the e-book "A Slim Destination for Muslim Travelers". You need to go to the ticket office and ask for the availability.

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Locations in Google Map:


  1. Hi there,
    do you know where can I find the bus routes in Seoul? Like how to know which bus go to which station or stop where? I tried finding it but i can't seem to find it anywhere in English :'( I'm planning to go to Yongin MBC Dramia from Korean Folk Village but I don't know how or what bus that go back to any nearby train station. Please help. Thanks.

    1. Hi, there isn't a bus routes website in English as far as I know. I usually use Daum Map to find bus routes. Yongin MBC Dramia is not exactly near KFV, around 35 kilometers. If you follow the instructions on Yongin Tour website ( it says there's a shuttle bus in front of Bekam Terminal.

      To go to Bekam Terminal from KFV, you first need to take Bus number #88 to Yongin Terminal (용인공용버스터미널). Then you need to walk a bit in front to take another bus number #16 to Baekam Terminal (백암터미널). Then from Baekam Terminal you can take the shuttle bus.

      Here's the Daum Map instruction for you:

  2. Hi, Have you went to MBC Yongin dramia ? Is this minsokchon better than that place ?

    1. Hi, no I've never been to the MBC dramia, so I don't know if it is better..

  3. hi, from the bus we alight from 5001-1, will it take take very long to walk to KFV? Is the entrance easy to find?