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Korean Folk Village

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GPS: 37.259247,127.118951

Korean Folk Village is a cultural village established to preserve the traditional houses, culture and customs of Korea's Joseon period. The village consists of relocated hanok houses, buildings and artifacts that depicts the lifestyle of the Joseon period. This village was used as a filming location for many Korean dramas like Jewel in the Palace, Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Moon Embracing the Sun.

Aerial view of Korean Folk Village

Similiar to Everland, there are also multiple ways to get to Korean Folk Village in Yongin. This entry is how to get to Korean Folk Village by taking a bus in Gangnam. The bus stop for Korean Folk Village is the exact bus stop for taking the bus to Everland. So if you want the map and walking directions to the bus stop you can refer this entry.

The bus to take is 5001-1 (red bus). Journey is around 1 hour and ticket costs 2,000 KRW using T-Money. First bus from Gangnam Station is at 6.30 AM and the last bus heading back to Gangnam Station is at 12.20 AM. Bus interval is every 12 minutes.

Now, the tricky part is knowing where to get off. You can always tell the driver ahjusshi to let you know once you've arrived:
한국 민속촌에 도착하면 말씀해 주세요
han guk min sok chon eh  do chak ha myeon  mal sseum hae  ju se yo
Please tell me when we arrive at Korean Folk Village
You can also familiarize yourself with the bus stop / location you should get off. I am embedding the Daum Map Road View of the bus stop in Korean Folk Village so you can get.. familiarized.

Bus from Seoul will let you off at this bus stop:

Hey look, that bus!
From the bus stop you will need to cross the road, cross the parking lot and walk a little bit more to reach the entrance of Korean Folk Village. Refer Google Map below for more accurate locations.

To get back to Seoul, wait at the bus stop below, which is just opposite the bus stop where you disembarked.

Korean Folk Village has a Muslim prayer room as stated in the e-book "A Slim Destination for Muslim Travelers". You need to go to the ticket office and ask for the availability.

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Locations in Google Map:

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you ask any question, please check if there's already an entry about it in the Site Map and in the list of questions below. If your question is not in this list, feel free to contact me.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is the cherry blossoms season in Seoul?
Spring in Seoul starts from end of March until early May. However cherry blossoms bloom early in April and the dates vary each year. Refer to KTO Website for specific dates for every year.

2. Can I do a day trip to Nami Island?
Absolutely! Nami Island is only a 90 minutes trip from Seoul. If you take the Nami Island Shuttle Bus, you'll be back in Seoul around 5.30 PM.

3. Can I do a day trip to Mount Sorak?
Also feasible. Journey by Express bus to Sokcho city where Mount Sorak is located takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes. If you take the earliest bus around 6 AM you'll arrive there with plenty of time to take the cable car at Mount Sorak, explore around and then take the express bus back to Seoul. However if you plan to do hiking, it is better to stay overnight there.

4. Is Seoul a safe city? I am backpacking alone / only with female friends.
Yes, Seoul is one of the most safest cities in the world. At night there might be some drunks but as long as you don't directly go towards them you'll be safe. Just use some common sense and don't go using some dark lanes/provoke anyone.

5. Can I bring frozen / cooked foods into South Korea?
Yes. During our trip we actually brought frozen chicken drummets, frozen rendang, cooked mini ketupats..among other dried foods. I emailed the KTO office regarding this and they checked with Korea Food & Drug Administration. Apparently there is no exact rules for individual food so it is okay to bring them in.

6. Is the Seoul subway easy to use?
Subway in Seoul is really extensive and can literally take you everywhere in Seoul (and beyond). Station names are announced in English, and there are many English signs inside the subway stations. The only thing that may be confusing is how you may have to make transfers to other lines. But you can download subway apps that can help you with this.

7. I saw in Korean dramas that they don't pay using cash for public transportation?
Yes, Koreans usually use the transportation card: T-Money. Available in almost every convenience store, the card only costs 2,500 KRW. I highly suggest getting this card. You'll get discounted for each ride (100 KRW). But even if you don't use it 25 times to get the card's worth back, the convenience and ease-of-use makes the investment more than worth it.

8. What to do if I am lost?
Approach any Korean and ask! Most young Koreans can understand English so they are your best bet. If you can't find anyone who knows the direction of where you are heading, ask for the nearest subway station. Also bring the Korean address and telephone number of the place you are staying so you can always hail a taxi and ask them to take you back to your lodging.

9. I need someone to help me translate on-the-go when I am in Seoul, who should I call?
You can call the KTO 24 Hour Travel Hotline at 1330 (02-1330 if calling from mobile phone) or Seoul Call Center at 120 (02-120 from mobile phone). Be informed that Seoul Call Center only operates from 9AM to 5 PM only.

10. What is the weather in Seoul during January / April / ______ ?
You can easily check the weather in Seoul from this page here. Just put in the months where you want to see the weather.

11. I want to book a hotel room at a place where it is easiest to get halal food. Which area should I search?
Itaewon. The road leading to Seoul Central Mosque is filled with halal restaurants, butchers and supermarkets. Use room booking site (Agoda for example) and search for Itaewon.

12. Is (insert restaurant name) halal?
If I don't tag it as halal, use your own precautions. Also I can't possibly know what kind of cooking oil they use or whether they separate their utensils etc. Please use your own wisdom to judge.

13. Can you tell me restaurants that I can go in (insert district name) area?
Please use the district categories to check, or you can also use the Search by Two Categories feature.

14. How about adding other type of restaurants? I am bored with kebab and Indian food
South Korea is not a Muslim majority country, we can't expect various kind of permissible food like what we have in our own country. However I do think I've added a lot of choices especially if you are willing to test the Seafood and Vegetarian restaurants.

15. Really? Where are these restaurants you talk about?
Site Map is the place to go. Or check the categories.

16. What is the best preparation I can do before I go to South Korea?
Learn Hangul. It is very easy, you can actually learn it in one day. If you have an iPhone, try searching for Hangul Tap application at the App Store. Also learn some survival phrases. There are apps for basic Korean too, check the Useful Smartphone Apps tips.

17. Is your Travel Planning Service open to Malaysians only?
The service is open to all readers of this site! International customers will be issued invoice through PayPal. Read customers' testimonials here.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Site Feature: Search by Two Categories

I did a simple HTML coding that can help you search by combining two different categories. It means you can match entries by union of two categories/labels/tags.

For example if you are looking for any restaurant near Dongdaemun Station, you can choose "category: restaurant" for Category 1 and "station: dongdaemun" for Category 2. The search button will bring you to a Google result page with the list of entries that have both the above conditions.

The rest.. not so much. LOL.

Combining two unrelated categories (example prayer place and restaurant) will not bring out proper results. Additionally, the entries that satisfy both conditions may only be the top two or three results followed by some unrelated ones. However I hope this tool will still be useful.

If there's a bug, or you find some missing categories, please inform me by commenting below. Have fun searching!
Search by Two Categories

Category 1 :
Category 2 :

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Travel Planning Service - Puan Umi's Testimonial

Puan Umi who went for her Seoul trip in December has kindly left her testimonial for Muslim Backpackers Seoul Travel Planning Service. This is what she has to say!
"Perkhidmatan ini sangat berpatutan dan sangat sesuai untuk backpackers..Ini kerana (ia) membantu kita untuk meneroka tempat-tempat baru yang sangat menarik di Korea. Perkhidmatan ini juga membantu kita untuk tahu waktu-waktu Solat dan tempat-tempat makanan Halal @ Vegetarian." - Puan Umi, Malaysia.

Thank you Puan Umi for your testimonial and the gorgeous pictures of Namsan Tower with the lovely snow! InsyaAllah your feedback will be used to further improve this service.

How about you? Don't you want to walk in the snow with your loved one in Seoul too? Let us plan your trip, sign up now ♥