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I don't usually make entry on attraction outside of Seoul, but today I am excited because I discovered that Naver Map have Street View (or whatever Naver call it is) of Everland! Korea why so amazing? I described on how to get here on a previous entry so on this entry I will just focus on ticketing, food and where to pray.

Everland always have discounts going on for foreigners. You need to go to their website and print out the coupon. Bring the coupon together with your passport and when you arrive at the ticketing place skip the lines of people queuing for regular tickets and find the "Group Ticket Office". Regular ticket booths can't sell you the discounted tickets so make sure you go to this office. From the current promotion going on instead of 40,000 KRW for one day pass you'll get a discount of 8,000 KRW and only have to pay 32,000 KRW.

There is no specific "halal" restaurants in Everland but you can go and buy the shrimp burger from their restaurants. Shown below is "Burger Cafe Europe" which is in the same area (European Adventure) of the prayer room in Everland.

Prayer Room
Everland have kindly provided a prayer room for the usage of Muslim visitors. You won't know it is a prayer room from the outside though. The room is located under the same building as Mystery Mansion. From the pictures going on the internet (especially Miss Zarina's blog), they don't provide water pipe, only a sink so I would recommend bringing your own small spray bottle to take wudu'. And also this is a unisex prayer room and you will have to bring your own prayer clothes.

I hope the info in this entry and the previous one will help those who are planning to go to Everland on their own. Have fun!

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  1. never know that they provide prayer's room for muslim...last time i went to everland and pray at the park....huhuhu....

    1. Haha, the whole world is a place to pray! Praying at the park must be very memorable though. A lovely story to tell.

  2. Aslm Brader, First visiting korea (will be in Dec), do you have a suggested a must itineraries for 8 night 9 days visit with permissible food outlets near to the itineraries...nie case orang malas nak fikir...( to stay in Myeondong

  3. Assalamualaikum. I visited everland on April 2017, Prayer Room now also marked Surau, and they have 2 faucets for ablution, so no worries :)

    1. Waalaikumsalam,

      That's an amazing news. Thanks for sharing! ♥

  4. Im here in Everland now!! 😋😋 ya. Nice shrimp burger and there’s prayer room here!