Saturday, November 24, 2012

Travel Planning Service - Puan Aini's Testimonial

We have another testimonial from a user of Muslim Backpackers Seoul Travel Planning Service. Puan Aini just got back from Seoul and she went with her husband and three adorable kids. She gave the service a full 5 stars rating on the satisfaction level. Woot, thank you Puan Aini! Here is what she has to say:
"Segalanya mudah tetapi kami sukar untuk mengikuti subway kerana kami bawa bersama baby berusia 3 bulan dalam stroller. Tapi naik bas senang." - Puan Aini, Malaysia

Isn't Seoul in autumn so heartbreakingly beautiful? Makes me just want to jump in the picture and join Puan Aini's kids playing at Cheonggyecheon Stream. Thank you Puan Aini for your testimonial. Your comments will be used to improve this service.

You too can have your own Seoul adventure. Don't wait anymore. Sign up for the travel planning service today! ♥

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