Thursday, November 1, 2012

Garosu-gil (Tree-lined Street)

Category: Attraction - Shopping
Nearest Subway Station: Sinsa Station (Line 3)
Distance from Subway Station: 270 meters (Exit 8)
District (gu): Gangnam-gu
GPS: 37.518423,127.023248

"Gangnam Style" song is crazily popular now. "Gangnam" is the name of an upscale district in Seoul, full with large corporation offices and high-end shops, while "oppa" is the word used for a female to call a close older male. "Oppa Gangnam style" is basically "Hey girl, I've got the high class style" (though the music video really doesn't translate the lyrics).

Garosu-gil is one of the numerous uptrend streets in Gangnam. It is filled with boutiques by Korean designers, interior stores,book and art shops and also beautifully designed cafes. It is not as intimidating as Cheongdam-dong, another district in Gangnam with luxury boutiques abound and some even say Garosu-gil is comparable to European streets' charms. The street is lined up with ginkgo trees (hence the name) and in autumn their yellow leaves make the street really beautiful. A romantic place to be I must say :) (source 1, source 2)

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