Friday, November 9, 2012

Everland (Bus Stop in Gangnam)

Category: Attraction - One Day Visit
Nearest Subway Station: Gangnam Station (Line 2)
Distance from Subway Station: 287 meters (Exit 10)
District (gu): Gangnam-gu
GPS: 37.501223,127.025705

There are several ways to get to Everland from Seoul. One of the easiest ways is by taking the bus numbered #5002 from a bus stop near Gangnam Station. You don't need to book or buy the ticket first before boarding the bus. Just tap your T-Money card or pay by cash to the driver. Because this is a public bus, it can get crowded though so make sure you make your way early in the morning.

The bus will stop at a terminal near Everland and from there you can take the free shuttle bus provided by Everland. Take the same bus to get back to Seoul but ask first that the bus is going to Gangnam and not Myeongji University. Journey from Gangnam to Everland is around 1 hour and the bus fare is 2,000 KRW using T-Money and 2,100 by cash. The first bus starts at 5:50 AM and last bus departs at 10:20 PM with each interval at around 11 minutes. (source)

Location in Google Map: 

Walking Directions:

1. You should know that you are outside of Exit 10 when you see the sight below:

2. Walk straight until you've reached the end of the block. Then cross the zebra crossing and walk straight again:

3. Walk down another block and cross another zebra crossing. Don't worry, you are really close now!

4. Walk just a few steps more and you've arrived!


  1. The bus stop located in front of 'Who.a.u' clothing shop.. ^^ I was there last week and I miss Seoul already..

    1. Don't we all! :D You must've enjoyed Seoul in autumn very much ♥