Sunday, September 30, 2012

List Your Trip into Muslim Backpackers Seoul Calendar!

How would you like to meet new friends during your trip? Or get someone to travel that few hundreds kilometers to Mount Sorak with you? Maybe you have finally booked that ticket for your solo travel to Seoul but want to split the fee for a double room so you can get both the privacy and cheaper price for your travel? Perhaps finding someone to split the fee of planning service with? /shameless promotion

You can now do this by listing your trip information into the Muslim Backpackers Seoul Calendar. List and wait for someone to contact you, or browse the calendar and contact someone going at the same time as you.

How does it work?

Listing Your Trip
  1. Fill in the form to get your trip listed
  2. Form will be reviewed by Webmaster
  3. Receive email informing of listing

Contacting a Backpacker
  1. Fill in the contact form
  2. Form will be reviewed by Webmaster
  3. Webmaster send email to selected backpacker informing of a new contact request
  4. If the backpacker chooses to, he/she will make contact

I created a sample entry in the calendar to get the ball rolling, a hypothetical October trip (oh how I wish I can actually take this trip!).

As usual, please exercise extra cautions when making contact with other backpackers. Keep yourself safe during your trip and always have South Korea emergency numbers with you. Also don't forget to have fun :)

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