Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dongdaemun Toys and Stationery Street

Category: Attraction - Shopping
Nearest Subway Station: Dongdaemun Station (Line 1, 4)
Distance from Subway Station: 120 meter (Exit 4)
District (gu): Jongno-gu
GPS: 37.57153,127.013491

One of the best Korean's products must be their beautiful, cute and creative stationery. Stickers, colourful papers, envelopes and ribbons made up of an industry of their own in South Korea. People go to bookstores like Kyobo and Bandi & Luni's or stationery stores like Artbox to get their hands on these beautiful creations. In Dongdaemun, there is a whole street selling stationery and toys at wholesale price. If you are looking for things to bring back home, stationery is always a good idea. They are cheap, and you can give them to your office mates or nieces and nephews. (source)

Go straight ahead for the street
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