Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Korea Tourism Organization Maps

KTO Digital Map

One of this site's feature is the extensive use of Google Map. However, the labels and buildings in South Korea's Google Map is in Hangul. This may be a problem for those who can't read Hangul. Luckily Korea Tourism Organization also have their own digital maps with English labels.

Map of Myeongdong
This digital map can be accessed here. The map also have functions to search for tourist spots, landmarks, addresses and routes. While it doesn't have features as extensive as Google's one, it is useful for us to be able to read the landmarks, buildings and subway stations labels.

Korea Tourist Map

If you go to any nearest KTO Office, you can get your hand on this tourist map:

I got mine from KTO Kuala Lumpur
However if it is not possible for you to go to their office, KTO Website has uploaded this map in the form of e-book at their official site. This map is more tourist oriented with labels of tourist attractions, hostels, guesthouses and also information centers included in the map. You can access the e-book here.

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