Friday, June 1, 2012

Jeremy's Treasure Bus

Category: Attraction - Hallyu
Nearest Subway Station: Gasan Digital Complex Station (Line 1, 7)
Distance from Subway Station: 42 meters (Exit 1)
District (gu): Geumcheon-gu

If you are thinking of experiencing taking a bus in Seoul, why not take the bus Jeremy from You're Beautiful dubbed as his treasure bus? In the drama he said that once the bus has finished its round he will forget all his problems. Perhaps we can follow his tip? (Though I can't imagine what problem we would have while holidaying in Seoul).

I am not sure the exact bus stop that Jeremy and Go Mi Nam used, but the bus stop listed here is one closest to the subway station. As long as it is the same bus eh?
Bus : Village Bus (Green Bus)
Number : Geumcheon 03 (금천03)
Interval : 3-5 minutes
Ticket : 600W (T-Money) 700W (Cash)
 (Don't ask me how many times I play and pause to capture that bus' number. It was.. many times)

 Bus route. If we believe Jeremy it will take one hour for the whole cycle.

Location in Google Map:

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