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Lotteria is another brand of fast food outlets that can be found in South Korea. Having an outlet in almost every neighbourhood you can't miss these restaurants. They have menus of shrimp burger 새우 버거 (SaeWoo Burger) and squid burger 오징어 버거 (OhJingEo Burger) that can be ordered by Muslims. At 2,200 KRW squid burger is one of the cheapest menus while shrimp burger costs 3,000 KRW per burger. (source 1, source 2)

 Lotteria in Myeongdong

 Shrimp Burger. source:

  Squid Burger. source:

Look at all the red dots in the map below to find for the nearest Lotteria.

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  1. Hye fazlin,may i know whether they did serve pork in lotteria?

    1. Hi there Anon. You can check their menu here: