Thursday, May 31, 2012

Deoksugung Palace

Category: Attraction - Cultural
Nearest Subway Station: City Hall Station (Line 1,2)
Distance from Subway Station: 106 meters (Exit 2)
District (gu): Jung-gu

Deoksugung palace's compound is surrounded with stone walls. Deoksugung's doldam-gil or stone wall road has an interesting story attached to it. It was said that lovers that walk the road together will eventually break up. I wonder if people still believe in this legend, but anyone dare to try? ;) The road is a feast to the sights with beautiful historical buildings surrounding it. It is also apparently really beautiful in autumn with brown and yellow leaves adding splashes of colours to the view. Deoksugung Palace is also unique because it has buildings that were designed in Western styles. As usual more information on KTO Website.


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